Garden pool surround – Brighton-Le-Sands

This project in Sydney’s Brighton-Le-Sands is a great transformation story – from a run down deck with no inviting characteristics – to a warm colourful garden space where the whole family is happy spending there time.

Jo, a mother of two, engaged us to do decking repairs of the existing structure as it had splintered, boards had warped and hadn’t been maintained due to a busy schedule

Our solution to this was a design proposal for a garden that is low maintenance, inviting and also complies with pool regulations (which it didn’t previously – oops).

We installed perimeter planting to soften the edges of the garden and installed artificial turf next to the pool to give a beautiful year round lush lawn without the hassle of mowing. The timber structure in the corner gives a place to store pool toys and hide the unsightly pool equipment which was also acting as a climbing point negating pool compliance.

All of this accompanied with a self watering irrigation system has transformed this space into a low maintenance, easily managed and beautiful garden.

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