Our Team

Since I was very young I can remember loving working with my hands and being creative, this passion was polished throughout personal hobbies and my adult working career. In the last decade I have advanced quickly in every company I was apart of through dedication and passion for my trade.

The pure variety and combination of multiple disciplines is what drew me to landscaping, having to master so many trades and bring them all together in one seamless project where each element compliments the other is a piece of art if done right.

My career took me from being an apprentice to a foreman in record time and demonstrating an eagerness to learn which was unmatched by any other. After learning as much as I could in one place I moved onto working with another industry leader where my skills were polished and given the responsibility of overseeing 5 construction teams at the tender age of 25.

My eagerness is now juxtaposed with my patience in growth within Ivory Gardens ensuring we only grow at a rate which will maintain our standard for quality as so not to dilute our standards through numbers. This is done by carefully selecting all staff as quality and culture is maintained.

I strive to create a fun harmonious work environment for our team, every team member is treated with a huge amount of respect as well given responsibility and detailed training to encourage them to be the best craftsman they can be.

Work life balance is important to the culture of Ivory Gardens as well as rewarding hard work, we have annual snow trips funded by the company and frequent team bonding days to ensure the work culture stays an incredibly positive one.

Ryan Donald, director Ivory Gardens
Ryan Donald – Director & Founder